Meet Abby

Teton Mountain Range, Wyoming

Abby lives in Iowa and misses her mountains, so we created a ring of them to wear every day!

When Abby came to me, she knew she wanted a ring of the Tetons, or Glacier mountains. She wasn’t exactly sure of the design, though, so I set out to create some options for her.

She preferred a little more texture than my Grand Teton Mountain ring, so I created a double layered version with lots of texture to highlight the rugged mountain range.

The front of the ring, or top layer, was the foothills below the beautiful Tetons. And the bottom layer was created to have an added texture to capture that mesmerizing view.

Now Abby has a ring to help her remember her mountain memories while she awaits the next mountain adventure!

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How beautiful is the inspiration for Abby’s Teton mountain ring? I could take in this view all day long.

Those iconic peaks are so fun to work with in jewelry, and adding the texture is always the fun challenge.

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CAD Design

For rings that require layers, or fine  textures, I like to create a 3D rendering of the model.

I then use that model to print a castable wax, that is used to create a ring using the lost wax casting method.

These rings are cast in my studio, and give me ultimate control over dimensions and special effects!

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Completed Casting

To create even more drama, I smoothed out the top layer and gave it a nice polish finish.

The back layer of the Tetons range has texture added in the wax, and creates a truly unique finish.

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Finished Ring

I love keeping my designs full of texture and character, while still keeping a clean design.

The texture on the back of the mountain range adds a subtle sparkle that I love.

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customer love

“Stephanie was wonderful to work with. I wanted a ring of the Grand Tetons and her design was absolutely perfect. I was impressed by the craftsmanship and detail she put into it.

Talk to Stephanie about your custom jewelry. You won’t regret it.”


Double Layer Custom Mountain Ring

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