Meet Alan

Bierstadt Lake in Rocky Mountain National Park

Fond memories of Rocky Mountain National Park become rings for his wife and daughters!

Rocky Mountain National Park held fond memories for Allen. Years ago, he and his future father-in-law went on a hike in the park to Bierdstadt Lake with his father in law, just before Parkinson’s disease started to affect his abilities to enjoy the great outdoors.

Little did he know that would be their last hike together. But, he holds those memories close. We incorporated those memories into special gifts for his wife and two daughters!

We created a 14K gold ring for his wife, and a sterling silver ring for each of his daughters.

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Rocky Mountain National Park has some of the most stunning views in the state. I’m always in awe of it every time I visit.

Bierdstadt Lake is no exception! This was the inspiration photo for the three rings.

How would you just love a sunset picnic here?

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CAD Design

Usually I cast sold gold rings, but in this case, I casted all three rings, including the sterling silver ones.

To do so, I create a CAD model of the design the customer chooses for the final ring. From there, I print a wax on my 3D printer that will be used in lost wax casting.

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Completed Casting

I added the same texture to each of the rings, which highlighted the various peaks of the mountain range that surround the lake.

Each ring was finished with a bright polish to make it extra shiny!

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Finished Ring

Now Alan can share his fond memories of RMNP, and the view from Bierdstadt Lake with his family.

These rings are the best kind to make! We love bringing customers’ memories to life.

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customer love

“Really excited for these rings! They will be a special Christmas gift for my wife and daughters.


Sterling Silver and 14k Gold Custom Mountain Rings

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