Meet Grace

Nachtsöllberg in Westendorf, Austria

When COVID canceled travel plans to her annual ski spot, we created a custom mountain ring of it instead!

Grace had visited the Nachtsöllberg every year – sometimes 3 times a year – since she was three years old. She usually skied this Austrian mountain in February, over her birthday.

Her whole family would join in on the skiing birthday celebration, but this year, COVID through quite a wrench into the annual plans.

Since she couldn’t ski this year, I created a ring of the mountain so she could wear her memory all season long. Actually, it’s a memory she can wear forever and always have with her.

I used the single layer mountain ring design for her, complete with patina tree lines to mark the ski runs!

Once the custom mountain ring design was complete, and I had brought the vision to life, I popped it in the mail. It traveled across the pond over to the United Kingdom, and even managed to arrive in a decent timeline given all of the COVID related shipping issues I’ve experienced this year.

Grace’s ring arrived the day before she was supposed to have arrived in Austria to ski her beloved Nachtsöllberg. Couldn’t have asked for better timing! She’s hoping to move out there soon, but before she does, she can always look down at her ring, and have a reminder of her favorite ski mountain.

✧ 1 ✧


This is Grace’s beloved ski spot, and the inspiration for the mountain ring.

We created the design to incorporate both the ski runs and the tree line, using some tricks you’ll see below.

✧ 2 ✧

In Progress

The first step in making the trees “pop” was to added texture to the ring in those areas. I started by marking the area with a Sharpie, and then used my etching pen to make tiny little divots over the pen marks.

✧ 3 ✧

Adding Patina

Patina is an effect used on sterling silver to achieve a dark color in the recessed areas.

In this case, I dunked the entire ring into the liver of sulfur mixture until it was a dark as I wanted.

✧ 4 ✧

Finished Piece

The final design incorporates both the outline of the mountain, and the hill behind (see that tiny peak on the right?).

The patina adds texture to highlight the trees between the ski runs.

Created in 925 Sterling Silver.

Create Your Own

Interested in creating a mountain ring of your own?

I’ve created hundreds of mountain rings, based on mountain peaks and mountain ranges all of the world.

Let me create one for you!

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customer love

“The ring is even better than I expected! It delivered relatively quickly from the US to the UK even given the current circumstances. Stephanie is great to work with and was even able to find new techniques to incorporate exactly what I wanted in the ring.”


Single Layer Custom Mountain Ring

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