Meet Joanne

Helvellyn Striding Edge in the Lake District, UK.

Fond memories of Rocky Mountain National Park become rings for his wife and daughters!

The recent COVID lockdown had us all dreaming of the day when we could travel again. Joanne was no different! Three years ago, she took a drive through the state, and it quickly became her most favourite place in the Lake District!

So, we set out to create a ring that would remind her of the Helvellyn Striding Edge! If you’ve never seen it, it’s beautiful! And, can also be intimating knowing people hike on that thin ridge.

It’s definitely on the list to see when we can all travel once again.

✧ 1 ✧


Any takers to hike this ridge? Count me in!

Creating a ring based off of a ridge that has two sides was a fun challenge to tackle.

✧ 2 ✧


For rings that don’t have multiple layers, or rich texture, I prefer to make them by hand.

I create a vector outline of the shape, and use that as a template to cut the metal.

✧ 3 ✧

Completed Design

The final design incorporated all the peaks of the walkable ridge.

We added in lines to emphasize the texture of the side of the rock along the sides, and followed with a polish finish.

✧ 4 ✧

Finished Ring

Now Joanne has a beautiful memory of a place she loves.

Whenever she looks down at her hand, she can remember the ridge she loves! And look forward to visiting it again.

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