Minarets, Sierra Nevadas

14k Rose Gold Mountain Wedding Band
minarets sierra nevada custom rose gold mountain ring
minarets sierra nevadas mountain wedding band inspiration



Sierra Nevada Mountains, California, USA

Cambria and her fiancé got engaged near Mammoth and the Minarets in California. She wanted a unique wedding band to match her solitaire engagement ring.

She had a couple of photos to choose from, including their actual elopement spot, but we settled on the one with the view of the Minarets.


14k Rose Gold Wedding Band

The design of the ring features the jagged peaks of the Minarets, with Mammoth mountain in the foreground.

I create texture on the jagged peaks to separate the two sections of the mountain peaks. We gave the rest of the ring a shiny finish.

Now Cambria has a unique wedding band to remember when she said, “I do!”