Mountain Wedding Rings

Greys & Torreys Peaks, USA
custom mountain wedding ring


Greys & Torreys Peaks

Colorado, USA

Katie and her husband had been married for quite some time, but had never really settle on wedding rings.

In true Coloradan fashion, they were both active, and worked in careers that put their hands through the ringer.

She wanted some thing unique that showed their love of the rocky mountains, and their love for each other.


14k rose, yellow gold and sterling silver

We came up with a three colored stacking set for her, and a sterling silver band for him.

The inspiration for her rings was the rocky mountains. She loved the adventure awaits ring, so we created a stacking set around that style.

We ended up creating one ring each in 14k yellow gold, rose gold, and sterling silver.

For his band, we created a band based on their view from the cabin (shown above). The beautiful peaks of Greys and Torreys were perfect for his men’s wedding band. We finished his ring with a brush texture.