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The Story

Stephanie, the owner and founder of Lovely Baubles had a heavy mountain to climb after the passing of her mother just days before her wedding. At the same time, Stephanie was in the middle of a career change, and transforming from creative director to metalsmith. One day, without thinking, she created the original mountain ring – the Mountains Calling ring. She hadn’t set out to create mountains, but she did. Somewhere in her subconscious, she knew she had several mountains to climb in her future, and this would be her symbol.

She wears her mountain ring often, and loves when others wear it too! Stories pour in about mountains of all sizes – cancer, new careers, lost loved ones, moving across state lines, overcoming paralyzed limbs, and the list goes on.

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Meet the Maker

I create jewelry that is inspired by the Rocky Mountains in our backyard. Not only are they majestic in their beauty, and awe-inspiring, but they are a great symbol for climbing our own mountains.

Life has uphill battles. Life has reachable goals we set. Some we choose, some choose us.

Climb with me.

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